A Brief Overview of the Vietnam National Army and the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (1952-1975)

Presented by Mr. Stephen Sherman and Mr. Bill Laurie

Supplemental Material On the TTU Web Site 


RVNAF2.pdf – Presentation

RVNAF2.ppt – Presentation Slides

RVNAF.pdf – Extracts from FRUS

RVNAF.ppt – Graphic History of RVNAF Units


Units.pdf – History of RVNAF Units (1974)

SVN Armed Forces 69.pdf – White Paper

RVNAF Officers.exe – Database of Senior RVN Officers (not yet available)

RVNAF Table.pdf – Spreadsheet on troop levels and other information.

Schools.pdf – Review of Graduates of Office Training Schools at Thu Duc and Nam Dinh (1951-1954)

SummaryP.pdf – Collection of FRUS Summaries

MRandTZ.pdf -- History of Military Regions and Corps Tactical Zones